Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Discovering Koper

The Times Herald of Port Huron Michigan has published a story titled "Adriatic Sea is a largely undiscovered travel delight" that begins with a very enthusiastic description of the author's arrival on a cruise ship at the port of Koper:

"There is a sparkling port on the Adriatic Sea relatively new to tourism. In fact, the arrival of the cruise ship Veendam to Koper, Slovenia, was such a special occasion the local TV network sent a crew to report on our arrival.

We were greeted by smiling residents and breathtaking beauty. Even a substantial number of the Veendam crew disembarked to check out this gem tucked away at the north end of the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Croatia, south of Austria.

We walked uphill, along pristine sidewalks lined with flowers, trees and shops, toward an open-air market were the locals sell flowers, vegetables, fruit, wine, garlic spreads, olives and linens. Few spoke English but that didn't stop us from shopping."

Source: TheTimesHerald.com

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