Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bridges Torn Down on Slovenia-Croatia Border

"With Slovenia entering Schengen territory, there will be 60 border crossings left, 27 of them for border traffic, on the 670 km long border with Croatia, and 115 different bridges and roads used by the local population will be either blocked or torn down, writes Ljubljana daily newspaper Delo.

Delo writes that bridges on Sutla, built by the local population, with continue to be torn down, which the Slovenian police justifies with the introduction of the Schengen system of border supervision and danger of illegal immigration or crime across the border.

Bridges being torn down will not affect any of the citizens who live next to the border with Croatia. Only the crossings that are not used very often or are abused for illegal migrations and crime will be removed, Ljubljana police spokesman Drago Menegalija tells Delo in response to the inquiry about the bridges between Dobovac and Bistrica na Sutli being torn down, which Slovenian and Croatian media had reported. "

Source: Javno

Grape Harvest Underway Early this Year

"The drought and warm temperatures in recent months have forced Slovenia's winegrowers to start preparing for the grape harvest earlier than usual. The first winegrowers are set to begin the harvest in about a week's time, expecting a quality vintage, albeit in smaller quantities than usual. The head of the farm advisory service in Goriska Brda, the western region that ranks as one of the leaders in winegrowing in Slovenia, told STA that the harvest was set to begin at the end of next week. The first sorts to be harvested will be Chardonnay and White Pinot and Sivi Pinot, Goran Jakin said. According to Jakin, the harvest is starting three weeks ahead of schedule, which locals say is a first as far as they can remember. The winegrowers in Goriska Brda are expecting a good vintage, given that early vintages are usually better. However, the quantity is expected to be somewhat down on last year, Jakin said. " Source: STA

Friday, August 10, 2007

'Core' of Croatian Army Buried Near Maribor?

"A probe of a buried anti-tank trench near new Maribor cemetery Dobrava has confirmed the thesis offered by some historians, saying that this is the biggest post-war execution site in Europe and that the Croats who were singled out among those departing from Bleiburg may constitute the majority of the victims.

“[We] must ascertain how many people who were killed there are and whether the core of the Croatian army lies here,” historian Mitja Ference told Maribor newspaper Vecer on Thursday. Ferenc is conducting test exhumation of the remains in a forest near the Dobrava cemetery in Tezno, a residential district in southern Maribor. He is a member of the commission for hidden grave sites which has existed for eight years and documented 540 mass graves across Slovenia where executed members of enemy armies, runaway civilians and “class enemies” were thrown after World War II."

Source: Javno

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Smoking Ban in Slovenia to Start Sunday

"Smoking will be banned in virtually all public places in Slovenia starting on Sunday, under legislation adopted by parliament in June.

The new measures will enter into force at midnight on Saturday.

From then on, smoking will be banned in all public places, including hotels and restaurants except where they have installed special isolated smoking rooms.

Even then, patrons will not be able to enjoy a coffee and cigarette as the rooms are reserved exclusively for smoking, and all food and drink will be served in the common non-smoking area.

The sale of tobacco products to teenagers under 18 will also be banned.

Under the new legislation, if a restaurant or pub does not have a proper smoking room, customers will have to go outside to light up or face a fine of 125 euros (170 dollars) for smoking indoors."

Source: AFP