Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Australian Buys Top Floors of Ljubljana Skyscraper

Another Aussie story and it's barely been a week! According to Slovenia's STA news service, the state-run Pension Fund Management (KAD) sold part of Ljubljana's landmark Neboticnik building (locally known as the Skyscraper) in an auction on 12 June. The buyer, a company called Terra Australis (owned by Anthony Tomazin, an Australian of Slovenian descent) paid EUR 2.12 million for the top five floors of the building. Tomazin's company also owns the Opera bar, a popular nightlife spot in the center of Ljubljana that is decorated with Australian motifs .

"Neboticnik, conceived by architect Vladimir Subic (1894-1946), was inaugurated on 21 February 1933. With a height of just over 70 metres, it was at the time the tallest building in the Balkans and the ninth tallest in Europe. Neboticnik rests on 16 support pillars set 18 metres into solid ground. This design makes it one of the most earthquake-safe buildings in Ljubljana."

Source: STA

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