Sunday, May 20, 2007

Strel Returns to Slovenia after Braving Amazon River

"The Slovenian extreme swimmer Martin Strel returned to Slovenia on Friday, a month after he completed his record-breaking swim of the Amazon. The Amazon swim was very dangerous, even life-threatening, however, the project was very successful, since it drew a lot of public attention, Strel said at a press conference at Ljubljana's Brnik airport.

Strel said he was very busy, since many media outlets from around the world have been trying to enlist his services. In America, he has also been writing a book, while a film about his adventures is being shot there as well.
After the 66-day Amazon swim, Strel was taken to a hospital due to exhaustion and high blood pressure. While his exploits received a lot of attention in America, in Slovenia it was almost overlooked.
He is unhappy about the snub: 'I'm no longer interested in Slovenia, because it did not give me what I expected,' Strel said.
He is more interested in the English speaking world: America, the UK and Australia, where he received many offers for cooperation. 'In the next years you will see who Martin Strel really is,' he said."


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