Friday, November 16, 2007

Slovenian PM will seek vote of confidence

"Slovenia's prime minister said he would seek a parliamentary vote of confidence in his government Thursday, after an opposition-backed candidate won an overwhelming victory in weekend presidential elections.

Prime Minister Janez Jansa had said earlier this week that his center-right Cabinet could step down, after Danilo Tuerk won 68 percent of votes in Sunday's ballot. He said late Thursday on state television that he would seek a vote of confidence in parliament, and that 'depending on the result, I will decide on my next steps.'

Tuerk's victory — and the crushing defeat of the government-backed Lojze Peterle — was seen as a reflection of eroding popularity for Jansa's governing coalition just one year before new parliamentary elections are due.

Jansa has accused the opposition of blackening his government during the campaign, saying such criticism has hampered his government's daily work as well as preparations for Slovenia's Jan. 1 takeover of the European Union presidency."

Source: International Herald Tribune

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